Using fascist comic maker, stonetoss.

1- What stonetoss does

If you don’t know stonetoss, then I envy you. He is a somewhat popular comic artist on the internet who makes fascist comics. I may prepare an album of his most hateful comics soon (it requires me to remove the watermark, because you should never…

Alternate title: so you’re a community moderator and you’re worried about fascists taking over your space.

Follow this guide to disinfect and sanitize your community! Prevent the sickness before it strikes!


Who am I? I was a moderator for an openly antifascist sub with more than 50,000 subscribers on Reddit.

1. How a fascist debates

1.1. The narrative

A debate means one thing to you, and a completely different thing to a fascist. Their goal isn’t to convince you in a debate, it’s to reach those people who will be looking in and may be swayed by their posturing and narrative.

Indeed, the narrative plays a major part…


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